Troubleshooting backups in Ts

Specific to Te**s Only.

1. Hanged RMAN sessions
— For Checking Hung rman sessions
— Exact query used by orabackup.ksh : subscript dbbackup.ksh
— If value is not null, backup fails with the following error:
— RESULT : [ABORTED:There's currently another backup running]
select NVL((select MODULE from gv$session
where upper(PROGRAM) like 'RMAN@%' and MODULE like 'backup %' and rownum < 2), '') from dual;

--- Converted query from above to check for sid and os process id
set lines 200
col inst_id for 99
col sid for 99999999
col serial# for 999999999
col machine for a30
select sess.inst_id, sess.sid, sess.serial#, sess.machine, proc.spid as "OS_PROCESS_ID", sess.MODULE, sess.status, sess.logon_time
from gv$session sess, gv$process proc
where upper(sess.PROGRAM) like 'RMAN@%' and sess.MODULE like 'backup %' and rownum < 2 and sess.paddr = proc.addr;

2. How to check if tape/netbackup drive is in writing state or not.
look for the most recent logs in this directory:

3. How to check for RMAN recovery catalog connection information (database name, schema, pwd)
Go to this directory:
and execute the following script:
./getCatalogPasswd.ksh [DB_SID]

If you need more help with database issues, feel free to send me an email ( and I'll gladly help.

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