Script to Check Maximum Processes

Instead of querying the v$parameter or executing the show parameter command then querying the v$process dynamic view. This query will return the maximum and current utilization of processes on the database. Easier to check if your database is hitting ORA-00020: maximum number of processes.

select resource_name,
current_utilization, max_utilization,
from v$resource_limit
where resource_name in ('processes','sessions');

However there is a certain version of Oracle 9i that has a bug regarding the v$resource_limit view. Bug 3896119 – CURRENT_UTILIZATION of V$RESOURCE_LIMIT may be too high. So you might want to manually check by counting v$process or use the script below.

select count(addr) as CURRENT_VALUE,,
parameter.value as MAX_VALUE,
count(addr)/parameter.value *100 as PCT_USED
from v$process,
(select name,
from v$parameter
where name = 'processes') parameter
group by name, value;

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